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Kelvinator Refrigerators

One of the more important appliances found in any household kitchen today is the refrigerator.  The need to have an appliance which will allow a family or individual to chill and preserve food items is essential.  It goes without saying that quality, durability, and functionality are important when selecting any big ticket product for the home. 

The Kelvinator refrigerator has reliably provided these important qualities for it’s owner’s for over 90 years, and it isn’t unusual to find many of the previous models of this refrigerator in excellent working condition and still in use today.


The company was created in 1914 by a young engineer whose name was  Nathanial B. Wales, a citizen of the United States who resided in Detroit, Michigan. .  He and other co-workers took their well studied research and developed the first much needed mechanical refrigerators for use in peoples homes. 

Initially, the company name did not promote the brand name which most people are familiar with today.  It was first known as the Electro-Automatic Refrigerating Company.  However, this was soon to change and by 1916 the named was changed to the Kelvinator Company in honor of  Lord Kelvin who was the creator of absolute zero.  In less than eight years following the name change, this new company had taken over as much as 80% of the market in refrigerator sales.  An exceptional accomplishment by any business standard regardless of the time period.

Over the years the company has been involved in a number of mergers with a variety of new partners throughout the world.  Currently the Kelvinator brand name which is owned and marketed by Electrolux.  Having said this, the consumer should be aware that many countries have their own unique and individual line-ups for this refrigerator and its models.
Important Consumer Information 

Given that this refrigerator brand is sold internationally, it would be advisable to investigate the availability for this kitchen appliance on an individual country basis. 
Although the following is not a complete listing of every country which offers this refrigerator brand it should prove to be helpful:  If you reside in  the United States or Canada click here.  If you live in Australia click here.  For those consumers who live in India click here.
If you are a consumer who invests a fair amount of time in researching a product which you may be interested in purchasing, you may discover that pricing could easily become a secondary issue when considering this refrigerator brand name.  You’ll find that there are such a vast array of features which are included with the various models that are offered that this could easily become the deciding factor for your purchase.
Kelvinator is without question, a company who has invested a great deal of time, effort, and research in developing a line-up of refrigerators which are among the best in the industry.

Typical Key Features:   

The key features which come available with this kitchen appliance include components such as glass shelving, ample storage capacity that will accommodate almost any size family, advanced technology air and water filters, easy viewing and access for food and beverages, controls which are either touch or manual, lighting that is not only esthetically pleasing but functional as well, and much more. 
Refrigerators are available in single door, double door, counter depth, side by side, and counter depth French door.  There are also models available which are specifically designed to cool beverages, ice makers, and under counter refrigerators.
Although a recent development In the United States, the commercial brand which includes a number of excellent choices for this refrigerator is also available.  The line-up of models has also developed a stellar reputation for meeting the extreme demands which commercial businesses who are in the food and beverage industry face on a daily basis. 
This new line-up includes upright freezers, glass and solid door refrigerators, chest and ice cream freezers.  All of these commercial grade refrigerators are manufactured to meet the rigid requirements for food service applications.
More importantly, the Kelvinator commercial line of refrigerators is available across the nation.  Repair and maintenance are extremely important to any well running and successful business, and it is reassuring to know that Kelvinator makes a network of technicians available nationwide as well. 
If you are specifically searching for a commercial refrigerator, it is important to note that they are made available by a company whose manufacturing name is  Electrolux Home Products..
Quick Tip:
If, in fact, your budget will not allow for the purchase of a new refrigerator, you may want to consider investing some time researching the offers which are available at Amazon or eBay, where you will find reasonable prices on used and reconditioned refrigerators for this brand name.  Also, pricing on new (when made available) or used units are generally more competitive at these sites than many others.
Additionally, the MSRP for this refrigerator will vary from one merchant to another.  Frequently selling prices are controlled by the overhead a business may carry, and by applying this knowledge you may find a great price by simply doing a little extra research.
Whether you purchase a new or used refrigerator, you certainly cannot go wrong if you decide to commit to the purchase of one of the many models which Kelvinator offers.


Kelvinator Refrigerator